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Mitra Translations is a leading provider of comprehensive global translation, interpretation, transcription, voice-over, Software localization, marketing and medical translation, TM strategies and management, quality management and linguistic analysis services for all European languages and Russian. Mitra Translations has been offering a wide range of foreign language services to businesses, individuals and organizations for more than two decades. The company takes pride in delivering outstanding service and personal attention, representing a wide array of industries including businesses, law firms and legal service providers, governments and municipalities, health care, education, financial and insurance institutions. National and international clients rely on Mitra Translations to provide document translation; business and trade translation and interpretation; conference translation and interpretation; legal services and law firm translation and interpretation; medicine and health care translation and interpretation; educational translation and interpretation; and multimedia & voice-over. The dedicated team of foreign language specialists assists clients in breaking down language communication barriers to build lasting relationships with multicultural contacts.

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