The MiTRa Translations crew just crash-landed in the best way possible from the Evolution of TC Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, and let me tell you, they are inspired.

Organized by the awesome tekom Europe and tekom Bulgaria networks, the conference was a launchpad for diving deep into the world of technical writing. Dilyana Ilieva (CEO, rockstar leader!), Nenad Angelov (PTP Manager, and presenter extraordinaire!), and Veronika Ivanova (Account Manager and tekom’s Initiative Committee whiz) all joined the party, alongside Tihomir Nikolov from our partner company, Smart Innovations.

Networking that Fuels the Future

The conference wasn’t just about info overload, it was about forging connections within the technical writing community. MiTRa’s crew is all about breaking down silos and building bridges, and ETC provided the perfect platform to exchange ideas, software recommendations, and maybe even a few secret handshake techniques for handling tricky technical docs.

Keynote Inspiration: Lights, Camera, Action!

The presentations were like a speaker explosion of knowledge! Anton Bollen, the keynote speaker, had an awesome charisma and left everyone itching to get back to the office and put those newfound skills to the test. Professor Ruslan Mitkov‘s talk on AI in technical communication was another amazing highlight, offering a glimpse into the future powered by cutting-edge research.

MiTRa Takes Center Stage

MiTRa wasn’t just there to soak up the knowledge – we brought our A-game too! Nenad Angelov took the stage to present sTMS, our own Boutique Simple Translation Management System (because who says project management software can’t be delightfully named?).

Feeling Supercharged

MiTRa team’s back with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to push the boundaries of technical communication and keep MiTRa Translations at the forefront of the game.

So, the next time you need some technical translation magic, you know who to call!