Because Words Matter in Every Language

Translating means transferring the meaning of a source text into another language. To do so, a translator needs to understand the meaning of the words and create an equivalent in the target language.

Localization goes a step further. It means adapting texts and products not only linguistically but also culturally. Through localization, we alter and refine a text and product to a specific market, taking into consideration the specific idioms and phrases that will leave local readers with the same impression that was intended by the original author.

Localization is key to every modern company developing innovative applications. The dynamics of the modern world in offering IT solutions goes beyond the physical borders of countries and presents new challenges before businesses.

When it comes to working on text for an app or product that is destined to be sold around the world, translation isn’t enough. It needs to be localized.Content that is expertly localized can make all the difference in whether or not a user has a positive experience. Thanks to the localization services of Mitra Translations, you will be able to achieve much more, significantly faster and more effectively at a lower price. We are able to keep up with the rapid pace of product development and localize new products quickly, without ever compromising on quality. In other words, we give our users around the world the best possible product, in the shortest amount of time.
When you will need the expert help of Mitra Technical Writers?

  • Websites Localization;
  • Apps & Games Localization;
  • E-learning Content Localization;
  • Product Info Localization;
  • Blogs Localization;
  • Marketing Content Localization.

“Localization in marketing is essential to reach out to international audiences. CSA reports that for 56.2% of consumers the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price, while 65% of global market leaders believe localization is essential to boosting company revenues.”
Mitra Translations gives you the opportunity to achieve a lot more globalizing your web content and product.

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