What is MTPE?

Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) is the process where professionally trained translators or linguists review and correct machine translation – also widely known as automated, automatic or instant translation, with the aim of eliminating all errors at a syntactic, grammatical, and sometimes even lexical level in the text.

The ultimate goal is to achieve publishable translation quality.

Thanks to modern solutions that implement machine translation, more and more new borders are being overcome, and this is a continuous process. However, so far there is still a great need for “human intervention” and automation cannot fully replace translators. Even the best machine translation engine would have difficulty with more creative and complex content.

The machine translation engine very often does not identify and understand which polysemantic words are the right ones for the context – it simply selects those words and phrases that are statistically the most commonly used in its “vocabulary”.

At first glance, incorrectly translated segments or sentences may seem like perfect translations.

Remember that MT is a time-saving tool, don’t rely entirely on it!

It is the immaculate linguist who is the final stitch needed to sew up a top-end result.

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