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As the old proverb goes, “First impression is from your dress, last impression from your brains.” Poor grammar and bad spelling are not just symptoms of appearance; they also speak of lack of professionalism. Therefore, the quality assurance of the services we offer is a multi-level process and involves different process levels—translation, editing and proofreading, resource management, glossary creation, etc.—all depending on the complexity and volume of the specific assignment.

The use of the LQA (Language Quality Assurance) is a well-known practice in the translation industry, which aims to analyse the translated materials and to provide an objective assessment of the quality of the target text. This type of a translation check involves a third-party language assessment, which objectively analyze several aspects of the content like language proficiency level of the source text and the target text, verification of compliance with specific linguistic and customer-specific requirements, terminology knowledge, stylistic and numerical inconsistencies, etc.

Why do you need LQA?

The service is made for anyone who requires their translated content to be of the highest quality. The LQA is a multistage process, that includes standardized procedures to ensure the end product.

The Three Q’s. Mitra Translations complies with the three main quality assurance processes: QA (quality assurance)—all measures and processes that support error prevention; QC (quality control)—all measures and processes that help detect and correct errors made despite the QA; and QV (quality verification)—all measures and processes that evaluate the product of our work and provide feedback for long-term performance improvement.

Here is why you should choose the services of Mitra Translations when considering LQA of translated content:

  • You have chosen a low-budget agency and you want to make sure the translation quality is as per the expected quality level, so you know whether to trust the agency again;
  • An employee of yours having some knowledge in the target language has translated the content but you want to reassure that the text is translated well and without any errors or omissions;
  • You are using a freelance translator and require their work to be checked by a third party so you know that they are doing their job perfectly.

Do you need an assessment of an already translated content?

You are looking for an independent agency to confirm the quality of a service you have already been using?

Mitra Translations is a proven partner you can count on if you need to ensure the quality of your content!

If you need quality assurance solutions

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