Your Speech, Our Voice!

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out in an interpretation cabin and requires sound equipment. Two or three interpreters are used for this type of interpretation and they need to rotate every two or three hours for longer events. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates into the cabin whilst the speaker is talking in front of the audience. This type of translation is used for seminars, conferences, real-time TV events, and it can be used in various areas such as software and IT, marketing, advertising, energy, telecommunications, tourism, entertainment and many more.

During consecutive interpretation, a speaker pauses after completing an idea and the interpreter proceeds to translate what was said. For smaller meetings, including one-to-one discussions, consecutive interpretation provides a discreet, personalised service that allows you to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently. Not only are our consecutive interpreters’ language skills superb, they are also highly personable individuals who provide the perfect blend of professionalism and approachability.

Conference interpretation uses simultaneous interpretation to deliver large-scale events to delegates from around the world. The booth/headset setup means that the event organiser can choose the best speakers from across the planet, without having to worry about which languages they are going to present in. Mitra Translations conference interpreters are highly skilled at translating presenters’ words in real time, so that delegates of all nationalities can learn from the speeches being delivered at the event.

Mitra Translations provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation from and to Central and Eastern European languages, and has the equipment and a team of highly-trained interpreting professionals to carry out seamless real-time interpretation.

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