Use professional proofreading and editing services to make sure you create the best impression!

Linguistic editing checks the basic language quality of the translation. The editor works simultaneously with the original text and translation, and focuses on linguistic accuracy and correctness of style, always taking your instructions and any terminology and style preferences into account. The goal is to ensure the final translation does not contain any linguistic errors. Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Translations are revised by a second translator as standard. This step is always included in the price.

Specialist editing will check the specialist terminology used in the translation and is done by an editor who is an expert in the given field. The goal is to ensure the flawless usage of terminology and appropriate use of professional expressions. In cooperation with the client, we use a terminological glossary in order to define the established terms. You can therefore be confident that your translation is completed by professionals with expert knowledge.

Proofreading is required for text intended for publishing or reproduction. We correct the entire text and then review the layout. Our professional proofreaders and editors can fix your document’s errors and improve the style, tone and readability.

No matter the size of your company, your written materials influence how everyone from customers to shareholders views your business.Pre-Print Review is a type of proofreading in which the meaning of the translation is compared to the source text once the translation has been supplemented with the original illustrations and visual documentation.

If you want your context to “shine bright like a diamond”, our qualified language professionals are there for you to make it happen!

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