Machine translation post editing (MTPE)

Machine translation post editing (MTPE)




What is MTPE?

Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) is the process where professionally trained translators or linguists review and correct machine translation – also widely known as automated, automatic or instant translation, with the aim of eliminating all errors at a syntactic, grammatical, and sometimes even lexical level in the text.

The ultimate goal is to achieve publishable translation quality.

Thanks to modern solutions that implement machine translation, more and more new borders are being overcome, and this is a continuous process. However, so far there is still a great need for “human intervention” and automation cannot fully replace translators. Even the best machine translation engine would have difficulty with more creative and complex content.

The machine translation engine very often does not identify and understand which polysemantic words are the right ones for the context – it simply selects those words and phrases that are statistically the most commonly used in its “vocabulary”.

At first glance, incorrectly translated segments or sentences may seem like perfect translations.

Remember that MT is a time-saving tool, don’t rely entirely on it!

It is the immaculate linguist who is the final stitch needed to sew up a top-end result.

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mitraMachine translation post editing (MTPE)
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Your Speech, Our Voice!

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out in an interpretation cabin and requires sound equipment. Two or three interpreters are used for this type of interpretation and they need to rotate every two or three hours for longer events. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates into the cabin whilst the speaker is talking in front of the audience. This type of translation is used for seminars, conferences, real-time TV events, and it can be used in various areas such as software and IT, marketing, advertising, energy, telecommunications, tourism, entertainment and many more.

During consecutive interpretation, a speaker pauses after completing an idea and the interpreter proceeds to translate what was said. For smaller meetings, including one-to-one discussions, consecutive interpretation provides a discreet, personalised service that allows you to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently. Not only are our consecutive interpreters’ language skills superb, they are also highly personable individuals who provide the perfect blend of professionalism and approachability.

Conference interpretation uses simultaneous interpretation to deliver large-scale events to delegates from around the world. The booth/headset setup means that the event organiser can choose the best speakers from across the planet, without having to worry about which languages they are going to present in. Mitra Translations conference interpreters are highly skilled at translating presenters’ words in real time, so that delegates of all nationalities can learn from the speeches being delivered at the event.

Mitra Translations provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation from and to Central and Eastern European languages, and has the equipment and a team of highly-trained interpreting professionals to carry out seamless real-time interpretation.

Should you need a key interpreting service

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Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP




Desktop Publishing (DTP) is a service that might be crucial for your overall project. The purpose of DTP is to provide an easy method of keeping the source formatting of the translated text as well as it statement and concept.

This is the final project stage which aims at mirroring the layout of the translated content with the source one. Various specialized graphic design software tools are used for this purpose, while the end goal is providing a perfect layout of the target file.

Mitra Translations provides a professional DTP service that completely follows our customers’ requirements and expectations to maintain the overall concept of any content regardless of the language.

Desktop Publishing is commonly applied during internationalization and globalization of any product, including in the prepress stage. That is when you will be able to keep:

  • Your visual brand concept;
  • The message you wish to spread to global customers;
  • The unique combination of textual and graphic elements.

Mitra Translations takes care of your project on a complex level. Our linguistic team will culturally adapt your graphic content, if it is not appropriate for the target audience in the respective country, region or perseption.

Introducing adapted solutions in conveying messages through text designated for the respective target group and 100% compliant with the design and statement of the document is part of our job.

Where is DTP used?

  • Advertising materials (brochures, leaflets, catalogues);
  • Technical documentation and user guides, manuals for machinery and devices, product characteristics and leaflets for food and drugs, labels, etc.
  • Books & Presentations;
  • Websites and Apps;
  • Visual and graphic content, etc.

When is DTP needed?

The main reason to choose DTP as a service is to keep the layout of the translated document same as the one of the source document. Often the translation process could potentially compromise the overall conception of the content and that is why it might be a good idea to keep the original message and visual effect of the source.

The DTP team of Mitra Translations has a vast experience and scope of skills to help you handle with ease all sorts of files and requirements.

Mitra Translation offers the best quality at excellent price and in no time!

If you are interested in our rates for DTP

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What is document legalization? It is the authentication and verification of documents. Documents issued by the Bulgarian authorities may be legalized to serve abroad, as well as documents issued by foreign authorities may be verified to serve in Bulgaria.

For documents issued by the Bulgarian authorities the procedure requires providing an Apostille by the National Center for Information and Documentation, the Regional Administration of each city, the Ministry of Justice and the Consular Relations Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Apostille is a stamp/seal for the authentication (legalization) of a document from the country in which it was originally issued. The Apostille is placed by different institution depending on the type of document to be legalized. The documents having Apostille are exempted from any additional form of legalization within the States, which signed the 1961 Hague Convention.

Some examples of documents that may be legalized/certified: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Certificate of Successors, High School Diploma, Higher Education Diploma, Academic Transcript, Conviction Status Certificate, Power of Attorney, Trade Register Certificates, Contracts, Articles of Association, etc.

Documents issued by foreign authorities are legalized in Bulgaria accompanied by a certified translation into Bulgarian. It is simply made by a certified translator by visiting a notary and verifying their signature.

You need apostille?

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Use professional proofreading and editing services to make sure you create the best impression!

Linguistic editing checks the basic language quality of the translation. The editor works simultaneously with the original text and translation, and focuses on linguistic accuracy and correctness of style, always taking your instructions and any terminology and style preferences into account. The goal is to ensure the final translation does not contain any linguistic errors. Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Translations are revised by a second translator as standard. This step is always included in the price.

Specialist editing will check the specialist terminology used in the translation and is done by an editor who is an expert in the given field. The goal is to ensure the flawless usage of terminology and appropriate use of professional expressions. In cooperation with the client, we use a terminological glossary in order to define the established terms. You can therefore be confident that your translation is completed by professionals with expert knowledge.

Proofreading is required for text intended for publishing or reproduction. We correct the entire text and then review the layout. Our professional proofreaders and editors can fix your document’s errors and improve the style, tone and readability.

No matter the size of your company, your written materials influence how everyone from customers to shareholders views your business.Pre-Print Review is a type of proofreading in which the meaning of the translation is compared to the source text once the translation has been supplemented with the original illustrations and visual documentation.

If you want your context to “shine bright like a diamond”, our qualified language professionals are there for you to make it happen!

You need pricing or more information?

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Because Words Matter in Every Language

Translating means transferring the meaning of a source text into another language. To do so, a translator needs to understand the meaning of the words and create an equivalent in the target language.

Localization goes a step further. It means adapting texts and products not only linguistically but also culturally. Through localization, we alter and refine a text and product to a specific market, taking into consideration the specific idioms and phrases that will leave local readers with the same impression that was intended by the original author.

Localization is key to every modern company developing innovative applications. The dynamics of the modern world in offering IT solutions goes beyond the physical borders of countries and presents new challenges before businesses.

When it comes to working on text for an app or product that is destined to be sold around the world, translation isn’t enough. It needs to be localized.Content that is expertly localized can make all the difference in whether or not a user has a positive experience. Thanks to the localization services of Mitra Translations, you will be able to achieve much more, significantly faster and more effectively at a lower price. We are able to keep up with the rapid pace of product development and localize new products quickly, without ever compromising on quality. In other words, we give our users around the world the best possible product, in the shortest amount of time.
When you will need the expert help of Mitra Technical Writers?

  • Websites Localization;
  • Apps & Games Localization;
  • E-learning Content Localization;
  • Product Info Localization;
  • Blogs Localization;
  • Marketing Content Localization.

“Localization in marketing is essential to reach out to international audiences. CSA reports that for 56.2% of consumers the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price, while 65% of global market leaders believe localization is essential to boosting company revenues.”
Mitra Translations gives you the opportunity to achieve a lot more globalizing your web content and product.

Call us today and let us deliver the right message, regardless of location!

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This is an oral translation performed by one interpreter where the speaker pauses to give the interpreter time to speak. This type of interpretation is used for business meetings, negotiations, brief presentations, trainings, seminars, telephone calls and more.

At Mitra Translations we offer translations from and to languages ​​from Central and Eastern Europe. We have provided interpretations in the field of medicine—during seminars—as well as in the field of technology—as a training on machine operation and production processes—but we can confirm that interpreting can be used in any industry where there are negotiations with foreign countries.

If you need consecutive interpretation, check our prices:

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Website, Multimedia, App and Game Localization

Website, Multimedia, App and Game Localization




Software localization is the translation process of an Internet product, software or app, adapting it to the standards, technical requirements, measurement units, abbreviations and cultural specifities of the respective target country or region. Our approach is based on identifying the specific needs of each client, flexibility and innovative knowledge in real projects. This is a guarantee of the efficiency of our services.

If you need a translation service for your app or game

g.georgievWebsite, Multimedia, App and Game Localization
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Innovative & Expert Multilingual Translations

In fact, we deliver not just Translation, but Verified Expert Content!

Mitra Translations provides translations in 50+ language combinations. Translation by a professional, certified, native translator, revised by a second linguist + QA-er. Using our technology and tools, methodology, resources and management approach, we optimize translation processes reducing cost and time. At Mitra Translations we specialize in different translation services that we offer to industries such as IT & Software, Energy, Marketing and Advertising, Industrial Engineering, Shipbuilding & Automotive, Healthcare & Pharma, Legal Services & EU Affairs.

MITRA Translations’s certified and complete TEP procedure contains the best know-how available for conducting a linguistic task. Each stage in the process is distinguished, clear and synced with the rest. In this way, we have created a stable supply chain, in order to meet our customer’s needs and maintain the solid profile we have built for many years.

Our priority is not only choosing the appropriate translator, but also selecting the essential accompanying language services, e.g., linguistic editing, specialist editing, or localization, to achieve a professional result.

Our experienced Project Managers will offer you the most appropriate solution, tailored to your content. Don’t get tied up with burdensome decisions about complex translation processes: let us take the job entirely out of your hands, leaving you free to get on with your business.

We also offer legal translations or the so-called “sworn” or certified translations.

We process translations in huge quantities of files and in many different file formats. But thanks to a systematically managed process, we retain constant control over each step of the process and every specific requirement. We undergo regular training and comprehensively educate our resource in the many aspects of the translation industry.

We constantly invest in technology, IT solutions, technical and data security. You can be quaranteed that all information we receive from clients is safe with us.

And we’re certainly flexible when it comes to deadlines: we translate within the tightest turn-around times.

Some of the languages we operate in:

Arabic – Albanian – Armenian – Azerbaijani – Belarusian – Bosnian – Bulgarian – Chinese – Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese (traditional and simplified) – K – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Estonian – Farsi – Finnish – French – Georgian – Greek – Hindi – Hungarian – English (British and US) – Italian – Japanese – Latvian – Lithuanian – Moldovan – Macedonian – Norwegian – Persian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Swedish – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Vietnamesse – Japanese

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