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What is Legalization of Documents?

What is Legalization of Documents?

Let’s say you have a business or live outside Bulgaria. You need your documents that were issued here, so you can use them abroad or vice versa. It’s likely you’ll stumble into some difficulties if these were issued by state institutions (diplomas, birth records, conviction status certificates), other types of certificates, company documentation (registration, good standing, etc.). To authenticate your document for use in a country different from the issuing one, it needs legalization.

The Process…

Legalization lets you use a document issued by the authorities of one country, before the authorities of another one. If, for example, you got your high school diploma in Bulgaria and would like to apply to a university in Germany, you’ll probably have to translate and legalize it, along with other documents intended for your stay.

mitraWhat is Legalization of Documents?
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