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Manufacturing and engineering translation – what you need to know

When it comes to manufacturing and engineering translation, people usually think of technical documentation, CAD drawings, and user manuals. We, at Mitra Translations, are experts in providing these services. Technical translation covers a great part of the business sector and isn’t limited to just user manuals or blueprints.

Technical translation also covers:

  • Regulations and compliance
  • Training
  • Health & Safety Instructions
  • Launching new products
  • Software
mitraManufacturing and engineering translation – what you need to know
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Can’t I just Use Google Translate?

If you’re a professional translator or work in the translation industry, we bet you’re tired of hearing this question over and over again. If you don’t travel abroad, don’t live or work in a big city, or don’t do international business, maybe all you need to translate is a word or two here and there, probably just out of curiosity. But if you’ve ever tried to use Google Translate to try communicate with someone in another language, you probably realized pretty quickly that Google Translate just isn’t worth it.

mitraCan’t I just Use Google Translate?
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Christmas around the world (Part 1)

Christmas is celebrated all over the world every year. And even though there are some common traits in the way people celebrate, the holiday carries the charm of every separate culture and reflects the local traditions and worldview. Read on to find out how people celebrate in different countries.

mitraChristmas around the world (Part 1)
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15 Reasons to Learn at Least One More Language

Mastering a second or third language may seem frustratingly hard. It’s not easy to memorise hundreds of words and to suffer through the humiliating conversations that may make you feel like an idiot because you can’t make a simple sentence.

Here are some of the most important reasons for you not to give up on learning foreign languages:

mitra15 Reasons to Learn at Least One More Language
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The World’s Newest Language

It might come as no surprise that English is the most popular spoken language in the world. In the past few decades, there’s been a trend for people to learn a foreign language with an American accent which gradually replaces British English as a dominating international language.

However, a new dialect of English is spreading rapidly and has already become popular under the name Globish.

Jean-Paul Nerriere, the French CEO of IBM, introduced the term in 1990.

Is Globish is the new lingua franca?

Globish is an English language without borders. It belittles the importance of grammar and the syntactic structure, avoids confusing idioms and pays attention to the efficiency of communication. Nerriere identified 15000 keywords which help communication between people of different nationalities. According to him, this “new” language is spoken by two billion people worldwide.

It’s interesting what the future of Globish will be. Whether it will assimilate foreign words from various other languages, like lingua franca, or remain closer to the English language? Will people begin to write books or even poetry in Globish? Will there be any movies featuring this language?

Despite the mass widespread of Globish, the international business needs and will continue to depend on professional, high quality translation services. An universal and simple language such as Globish can not capture all the nuances, can not achieve technical precision and recreate specific expressions typical of the unique cultural context of each traditional language. And let’s not forget that although 2 billion people speak Globish, at least five billion people are unable to communicate with each other so easily.

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mitraThe World’s Newest Language
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