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The importance of formatting for translation

Let’s start with an example which is not uncommon for large companies: the employee responsible for translations often does not fully understand the concept of working with specific content, such as graphics and drawings, for instance. Usually, he or she has to send the documents to a translation agency either as a PDF file or scanned. Most probably the person contacting the translation agency doesn’t know whether to send the translation in a specific format, e.g. INND or QX. It’s quite possible that he or she hasn’t even heard of them.

mitraThe importance of formatting for translation
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Methods of translation

Depending on the way we approach translation and the methods we use, we can divide it in several categories. Today translation is a highly-developed practice and there are plenty of perspectives and classifications, systemizing the various approaches to it. However, the most popular and frequent methods are the following:

mitraMethods of translation
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