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Top Languages Used On the Internet

The Internet is much more dynamic than it was 10 years ago. Today, it is a much bigger, much more diverse and accessible place. According to Internet World Stats, there are now 3,345,832,772 active Internet users in the world. That’s almost half the world population. So what languages do they speak?

Currently, about half (48.1%) of all Internet users are in Asia; nearly a fifth (18.1%) are in Europe; another 10.1% are in Latin America and the Caribbean; 9.8% are in Africa; 3.7% are in the Middle East; and 0.8% are in Oceania and Australia. These millions and millions of users speak a wide range of mother tongues.

If we look at the W3Tech’s ranking of languages for published web content available, we’d see that the number of English speakers on the Internet has actually started to decrease.

mitraTop Languages Used On the Internet
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Is it enough to have an English language version for your website?

The answer appears to be easy: “If Norway is my market, I need to have a Norwegian language version of my website.” It’s quite logical.

If you present your site in Norwegian to the Norwegians, you will become a more trusted business. But this doesn’t mean that the people from Norway wouldn’t buy from you using an English language version.

mitraIs it enough to have an English language version for your website?
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