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If you do not wish to miss a task, we reccomend you to get sTMS mobile version on your mobile device following the steps described bellow.

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  • Type on your mobile device browser
  • Login to your sTMS profile with your credentials
  • You will access the mobile version of sTMS
  • Tap the additional functions icon on your browser and select Add to Home Screen
  • Once added to your homescreen sTMS will apear and you can easily access it and check all tasks and notifications

For more functions and information about sTMS mobile version, please contact MiTRa Translaions.

We migh be also helpful to you if you visit our blog where there is a category specially designed for you. In Help.log you can find interesting and useful tips from our practice as well as information about upcoming free of charge training sessions and networking events where you can take part and exchange knowledge and skill with our industry specialists.

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If you are an experienced linguist or do not have experience but wish to become a professional, we are here to help you and support you as a partner!

To join our team you only need to email our HR at, describe your motivation and requirements, and they will contact you back with further information and procedures to become a member of our team of professionals.

Do not forget to attach your CV and document evidence for your qualification/s.

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Our offices are located in Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv and Shumen.

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