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Why should I hire a professional translation agency?

If you sell goods and services not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad, you will need a professional translation agency for sure. Undoubtedly, you are considering assigning the translations to an employee who (in their own words) knows the language very well and masters Microsoft Word. They can even make Excel spreadsheets! This may be an attractive solution; it will save you money, it will keep the employee busy…
Think twice!

Building a long-term relationship with a translation agency will not only guarantee you quality professional services; it will also protect you from certain traps that your in-house employee won’t be able to avoid. The professional translation agency will give you advantage over your competitors. Here’s why:

mitraWhy should I hire a professional translation agency?
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How to make the most of your communication with the translation agency?

We offer you a few tips to help you make the most of your relationship with the translation agency and get a quality service within the set budget.

Above all, you have to be convinced that quality translation will add value to your entire project. Quite often a project budget is distributed for marketing, advertising, graphic design, etc., and translations are either left with a small amount or assigned to an employee who is not qualified to perform them.

mitraHow to make the most of your communication with the translation agency?
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Evolution of Technical Communication – ETC 2015

ETC, Sofia 19.06.2015- We visited the Holiday Inn to stay in track with the latest developments in Content Writing and innovations in user assistance. ETC 2015 helped MITRA Translations Ltd. meet some interesting people from leading companies like SAP and VMware. Our team was very happy to expand their knowledge about the communication between experts in the fields of content writing, IT development and technical editors. Visiting the event, our team found more checkpoints to expand our localization services, learning more about IT and Web contents.

mitraEvolution of Technical Communication – ETC 2015
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Berlin LocWorld 02-05.06.2015

Berlin LocWorld 02 – 05.06.2015 – MITRA Translations Ltd. took part in one of the biggest localization events, LocWorld, during this year’s 28th edition. We met some new faces and enjoyed being reunited with some old friends.

mitraBerlin LocWorld 02-05.06.2015
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Istanbul GALA Localization Conference 23-25.03.2014

Istanbul GALA Localization Conference 23-25.03.2014 – This beautiful bridge between Europe and Asia is probably one of the best spots to host a main localization conference event like GALA. MITRA Translations Ltd. represented the Bulgarian language market in the GALA’s open and collaborative environment that featured many interesting speakers, keynote topics and high-value networking.

mitraIstanbul GALA Localization Conference 23-25.03.2014
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ELIA ND in Malta 03-05.10.2013

ELIA ND in Malta 03 – 05.10.2013 – This was one of events our team visited back in 2013, where the main topics were machine translation, client-oriented approaches and how to defend your language reputation in the localization market. Thanks to this event we expanded our crew of vendors, learned more about the CAT tools our company uses and were able to attract new clients with whom Mitra Translations still maintain solid and positive working relations. And finally, we fell in love with this small, but very beautiful country!

mitraELIA ND in Malta 03-05.10.2013
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