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Having 30 years of experience MiTRa Translations turned into a global leader in providing Bulgarian language solutions. Thus we succeeded to expand our business to all other European and Asian languages.

We do it by providing fast, innovative and export-oriented professional language solutions, real time progress tracking and multiscale quality assurance procedures, all of which are keys to helping our clients succeed in their global presence, open new markets and reach their set targets internationally. We use the latest technology to accommodate all of your translation and localization needs.

Working with us means benefiting from a dynamic, know-how, and passionate team that offers smart solutions for services like Machine Translation, MTPE, Linguistic QA, Edit & Proofreading, and more.

MiTRa Translations provides services for document certification and legalization in government institutions, sworn translations, Apostille for all foreign languages into Bulgarian and vice versa.

You can benefit from a free of charge consultation on legalization or official translation for personal and company documents.

Linguistic Services

MiTRa Translations is a major market leader in providing language services: translation, editing, proofreading, pre-print review, linguatic sign-off, language assessment, sworn translations, localization and transcreation, etc. We provide professional linguistic services to national and international clients in 50+ languages. At MiTRa Translations we understand that today, providing a complete professional translation, tailored to each and every of our client requires one of these key elements:

  • Personal Treatment & Detailed Overview of the Project
  • Use of Advanced Tool & Technologies
  • Monitoring and Coordination of all linguistic aspects and processes
  • Creation & Management of TMs, Style Guides, Termbases, Glossaries
  • Allocation of Expert Resources
  • In-Depth Quality Assurance (QA)




Who we are?


MiTRa Translations Ltd. is a family-owned translation company which started in the town of Shumen back in 1989.

Our management approach has always been a good combination of leadership and teamwork, that makes employees the key to our success.

With a technologically oriented approach, our process is smooth and intuitive, our communication is prompt and precise, our quality is high and stable.

Industry Specialized Translations

Technical, Manufacturing & Engineering

Medical, Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Legal, Government & EU Affairs

Web Localization

App & Games Localization

IT & Software Localization

It’s our priviledge to work for

This is to certify that from 01/01/2017 to 19/12/2022, Mitra Translations Ltd translated a total of 5 310 pages (TR) (MO), 20 terms (TL), revised 18.5 pages (RE), 21 terms (RL), light post-edited 128.5 (LP), full post-edited 882.5 pages (PE) and worked 126.5 person days (TE) (LC) for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union in the areas and in the linguistic combinations specified in
the table attached (1 standard page = 1 500 characters).


We confirm that Mitra Translations Ltd has provided translation, proofreading, MTPE and review services to Capita Translation and Interpreting from May 2008 to today. During this period, they have completed in excess of 3,272,445 words in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian and Russian across 715 jobs in the fields of Business, Marketing, Finance, IT, Engineering, Government, Legal and Medical.

- Capita Translation and Interpreting



I know Ms Mina Ilieva, CEO of Mitra Translations Ltd. – from translations and interpretation work done be her company during various occasions and events that took place in Bulgaria – in my capacity as the Head of Unit responsible, inter alia, for this Member State. I can confirm that the quality of her work and the services by her company are according to high standards and reflect good practice across the EU. I strongly recommend her and her company for any works or projects for which they might apply.

- TransPerfect Translations

TransPerfect Translations

We are happy to cooperate with the team of Mitra Translations and sincerely recommend their services as they are quite proactive, flexible and deliver translation products as per the highest quality standards.


This letter is to confirm that Mitra Translations has provided English to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to English translation and revision services to United Language Group (former Merrill Brink International). Our records indicate that since 2012, Mitra Translations have completed 2002 work orders to date, and translated roughly 1 210 000 words.
This includes more recent projects with MT incorporated into the workflow:
136 projects, 1671 50 words
164 875 words in the English to Bulgarian pair
2 275 words in the Bulgarian to English pair
volume completed covers Medical/ Life science and Automotive/Manufacturing content and United Language Group has been very satisfied with the services provided.


SDL HELLAS M.E.P.E.While an excellent all-around translation agency, Mitra Translations possesses special expertise in such subjects as Medical, IT, Technical, Energy, Electronics, Marketing, Legal, Ecology, Finance, Advertising, and Mass Media. Mitra Translations is also capable of translating technical documentation. Mitra Translations is comprised of very hard-working, qualified and motivated professionals. The accuracy of their translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning.



Mitra Translations Ltd. has successfully delivered over 1,000 pages of translated and edited content with top quality, according to high standards reflecting good practice across the EU. They have excellent knowledge of terminology related to European institutions and agencies. I strongly recommend the linguistic services of Mitra Translations Ltd. for any localization projects that involve in-depth knowledge and linguistic experience regarding European languages.

- AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, LLC.

This letter is to confirm that Mitra Translations Ltd. has collaborated with AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, LLC since December 2007; primarily participating in English <>Bulgarian translation, edition and/or proofreading projects for our medical end clients. Mitra is a valued partner and have demonstrated continued commitment and focus on quality.

Our offices are located in Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv and Shumen.

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