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Mitra Translations provides language services in 50+ language combinations. We are based in Bulgaria and having 30 years of experience we have grown into a market leader in providing linguistic services worldwide. Apart from English to Bulgarian translation, we provide language services in all European and Asian languages.
We offer competitive rates and accommodate every request with the best possible price, our PMs and Sales Representatives provide quotations in the model best suiting every individual task for translation, certification of documents, localization and other linguistic services as well as specialized language projects in all fields.
Mitra Translations provides services for document certification and legalization in government institutions and the Directorate of Consular Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. All of our translators and editors are trained and certified to do sworn translations. You can benefit from a free of charge consultation on legalization or official translation process of personal and company documents.
Our offices are located in Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv and Shumen, Bulgaria. At each office you can request a linguistic service at competitive prices. For your convenience you can place an online order for translation regardless of your location.


Mitra Translations provides cutting-edge translation, linguistic services and multilingual solutions. Its human resources, technology and communication systems enable the company to work with any customer in the world. We provide specialized medical, technical, pharmaceutical, legal, IT and many other translations for various industries and businesses. Each translation is subject to strict quality control complying with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17000:2015. Quality Assurance of the services we offer is a multi-level process and features separate technological stages – translation, edit and proof, resource management, glossary and termbase creation, TM management, etc., depending on the complexity and volume of the specific assignment. 

Our success is due to the excellent communication with our clients as well as our professional approach towards each project. Our team of project managers, coordinators, translators and editors, as well as IT experts have extensive experience and specific competence in managing both small and large translation projects. We treat each task, either for personal or company use or a complicated localization project, with the sufficient attention and adequate approach for you to receive the best service quality.


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