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Mitra office Shumen

MiTRa Translations Ltd. is a family-owned translation company. Its first office was established in the town of Shumen back in 1989 by Teodora Todorova. Her predictive mind knew that the socialism fall will lead to open borders and much more international opportunities for the Bulgarians and therefore translations would be of a great need. Then in 2004 the company was inherited by her daughters and further developed.

Now we have grown into one of the biggest MLP (Multi Language Provider) in Bulgaria with the widest range of services/languages and a renowned partner to many clients worldwide.

MiTRa invests a lot of time and resources in technologies in an effort to turn translation into a seamless process for our clients.

National and international clients rely on MiTRa Translations to provide services and solutions for both small and medium-sized companies and for large corporations and public administration bodies, offering a complete package of solutions and services. Our dedicated team of language experts assists clients in breaking down language communication barriers to build lasting relationships with multicultural contacts.

Our translators, editors, proofreaders, reviewers, quality assurance managers, project managers work as a team to provide you with the utmost quality translation.

Our commitment is to infuse quality processes throughout the entire language translation life cycle – ensuring that our translations clearly communicate the intended message for clients’ targeted industry and market, regardless of what language the content is translated into.

Our Team

Mina Ilieva

Mina Ilieva

Managing Director

Mina has a professional practice in the translation industry for more than 25 years and is operating as a Managing Director of MiTRa since 2004. She has full technology expertize leading to both business growth and stability. Her sharp mind and will results in the boosted company profile.

DIlyana Ilieva

DIlyana Ilieva


Dilyana’s input is invaluable when handling both client relations and managing personnel. A quick turnarounder with strong skills in technical and software solutions, she can prepare you a great build up plan for every ongoing or future project.


Mary Stankova

Sales Manager

Mary is highly organized, detail-oriented member and a good multi-tasker. She is an MA in Corporate Finance, always takes charge, and knows how to lead and when to negotiate. She recognizes our clients needs quickly and offers them the best desicion and proper team which makes her priceless Sales Manager.


Desislava Petkova

Account Manager

Desi holds an MA in Finances which makes her the right person to monitor all financial operations and workflows. She is a very pro-active member of our team and has strong organizational skills in combination with excellent communication and resolving manner. Thus, her vote counts in every decision-making process.


Plamena Krasteva

Quality Manager

Plamena establishes and monitors the quality control processes, investing her 15 years of experience in the field of specialized translation, and actively participates in the implementation of methods for their improvement. Her driving force is the love she has for the concept of combining human with machine translation and CAT technologies.


Nenad Angelov

Production Manager

Nenad is remarkably capable and experienced in the field of high technology. His commitment, dedication, and management skills contribute to his excellent performance when it comes to project processing, project sign-off and CAT tools support. Nenad is attentive to every project he takes on and is always very helpful.


Tsenka Vasileva

Vendor Manager

Tsenka is responsible for the company’s human resources management and the bridge between our resources and PMs. She has a solid knowledge in managing human resources which helps her communicate with dozens of people on a daily basis, coordinating our team, as well as all translators and interpreters we work with. We also rely on her when it comes to recruiting new employees and freelancers.


Elena Ivanova

Sofia Regional Manager

Elena is the Head of our Sofia Department and maintains control on a national level for our Bulgarian clients. Her approach is both precise and fast, which makes her a valuable asset to our team. She is also managing all public procurement procedures and organizing teams for the execution of all state administration service agreements.



Veronika Ivanova

Global Accounts Lead

As a certified engineer with a knack for problem-solving, Veronika excels in her role as our Global Accounts Lead. With a solid foundation in translation and editing, she orchestrates seamless operations for our diverse clientele worldwide.

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Why Choose Mitra Translations?

350+ Professional Linguists Worldwide

MiTRa Translations collaborates with 350+ linguistic resources globally, capable and ready to commit to every small or high volume project with tough deadline. We strictly follow the industry requirements of ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, where the target language of every linguistic part of a project is to be carried out by a native speaker. We are able to provide swift in-house translation services for English, Bulgarian, Russian and Turkish.

Indivilual Approach to Every Project

The industry we operate in is individual and unique. MiTRa Translations treats every translation or localization job with highest priority and established know-how. Therefore a dedicated PM and a linguistic team are available for each client depending on the industry, content and client specific instructions. Every client has the opportunity to track their jobs, languages, deadlines, estimated costs and project status – all available online via our sTMS.

Certified and Sworn Translations for 50+ Languages

MiTRa Translations supports sworn translators from 50+ languages to Bulgarian and vice versa. All of them are certified to provide official sworn translations under the Bulgarian legislation.

Licensed to Provide Sworn Translations, Document Certification and Apostille

MiTRa Translations operates under contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria and supports a team of Court recognized translators. 

Experienced in Tendering and Public Procurement Field

The company is actively taking part in tenders and public procurement procedures involving our pool of certified and sworn linguists. We are proud of the vast experience we possess by delivering language services to the Bulgarian Government and Administraton as well as the EU Institutions.

Wide Range of Corporate Clients

MiTRa Translations is experienced in huge corporate projects, that demand knowledge, tech skills, operational and oganizational communication, thorough planning, time management, adaptation ability and quality management. We deliver outstanding service and personal attention, representing a wide array of industries including businesses, legal service providers, governments and municipalities, Healthcare, Manufacture, Education, IT & Software, Energy, Telecommunications, Financial and Banking institutions.



Our offices are located in Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv and Shumen.

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