The benefit of translation is obvious for most people, and communication in the mother tongue is a value that is beyond doubt. However, if we have to concentrate on marketing and sales, we often witness reluctance from managers who are not always willing to approve a budget for translation. This is particularly evident when it comes to website localization.

There are also cases of really odd machine translations. Take, for example, Google Translate. As a result of this ambition to save money, you get a real tragicomedy – a translation, but not really.

This is where we have to ask ourselves a major question: when saving money from a professional translation, do we win or do we actually lose?

This is what you will get if you decide to localize your website with the help of a qualified translation agency:

You are going to expand the market of the goods and services you provide. It’s essential that you understand how important it is to communicate, speak and most importantly – sell – using the client’s language. You will be impressed by the results: not only will you further engage users, but you also will increase your sales. Not bad, right!

Managers have to change their perception of localization and stop regarding it as an expense. They have to start holding out prospects to include localization as an important part of their long-term business strategy. Investment in translation will pay off quickly, have no doubt about that!

Here’s a brief list of the reasons why a translated website is a great idea for the expansion of business!

  1. It will add value to your brand.


Do your competitors have a foreign version of their site? If the answer is yes, you probably realize that you are already lagging behind. If the answer is no – what could be better than being the first to pave the way for this new initiative.

Brands in the highly competitive markets spend solid amounts for marketing in order to stand out. This is easy to apply when the business starts “addressing” the client in his or her own language – don’t you think this is a great way for distinguishing your website?

  1. Website localization can increase your site visitors.

56% of people spend more time browsing through sites in their own language! This actually means that you have already lost half of your target audience because your website is not translated in its language!

One of the main questions website owners ask themselves is: “How do we get visitors to find us?”. The effective SEO optimization is a challenging task for those who do not understand how it works, but if you engage a professional translator, SEO optimization will start delivering value to you, only if you trust a partner who’s both qualified and prepared.

  1. Website localization can increase the number of your customers.

Not only will you see your website visitors increase, but as a result, after you translate your website in your client’s mother tongue, this will affect sales in a positive way. Isn’t this the main objective, after all?

According to a recent survey of CSA, 55% of people are making purchases online if the information is provided in their native language. Just think about it!

An example of increase in sales after website localization is the software company Lantek which achieved a stunning 25% increase in global sales. Do you still insist that localization is an unnecessary item in your budget?

  1. Website localization will increase the number of visitors returning to your website.

We all know, especially people in the sales field, that customer service is the key to long-term success and guarantees loyal customers who prefer you to any other company. Again, there is a very simple logic behind this: if the customer can contact you in his or her native language, he will prefer making purchases from you, instead from a foreign website. Think about it: wouldn’t you would want the exact same thing?

Ultimately, website localization will take more visitors to your website and, respectively, will lead to increased sales! This reason alone is more than sufficient to convince you to take the first step towards translation of your website.

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