Mitra 30th Anniverssary

Mitra 30th Anniverssary

We are not getting older, we are just becoming a classic!

December was an emotional month for the whole team at Mitra. On December 7th, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company, founded at the end of 1989. Huge respect and admirations for the tireless work throughout the years, as well as the amount of energy that was put into the work and attitude towards clients, and the quality of the services provided.

The special attendees of the event were important partners and colleagues, before whom Mina Ilieva and Dilyana Ilieva — the managers — presented their individual speeches, and so did their mother and founder of the company — Teodora Todorova. They walked us right from the tough beginning, followed by the ups and downs throughout the years, to finally, present-day Mitra. Dilyana Ilieva then introduced the future of the company represented in the brand-new logo and image of Mitra Translations Ltd. which showed a more corporative and modern look. They will be put into use at the start of the new year – 2020, as we hope to continue on the path to even bigger success!

We would like to thank all attendees for showing us so much respect and honoring this occasion, and that Mitra’s charity idea implemented at the event was met with full support and participation. The money was raised for a charitable cause for which a special donation box was set up.

The event in its entirety was another unforgettable moment for Mitra. We hope to celebrate even more anniversaries as we go!

mitraMitra 30th Anniverssary
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Innovation and competitiveness

“Developing sTMS – an innovative web-based platform for
organizing the work of translation agencies”

With the increase of globalization processes, the multilingual document flow—an integral part of business, social, cultural and scientific areas—has also been increasing. The need for fast and quality translation into more and more languages places high demands on translation companies. This is a relatively conservative industry, so there are no good organizational solutions to optimize the entire workflow from receiving the translation request to delivery. We are offering an innovative web-based platform that will facilitate and organize the work of translation agencies of all sizes and will also contribute to increasing the possibilities of implementing more translation projects. The mobile app on the platform will make communication and connectivity between employees from any corner of the world possible. With the implementation of our platform, companies will get:

Reduction of document flow time by 90%.

Mobility and flexibility.

Traceability of translation requests.

Possibility of archiving, generating references and reports.

Sharing translation requests and receiving external orders from colleagues.
The introduction of our innovative translation agency management platform will dramatically reduce paper use, leading to a positive environmental impact. With the implementation of the project, we will have gone all the way from an innovative idea to a fully operational product and we will have gained the necessary experience to ensure our success in future innovative developments. In the process of realization of the project together with our partner —Varna Technical University—the following activities will be performed:

Research, tests, and measurements needed to develop the

Acquiring tangible and intangible fixed assets needed to develop
the innovation.

Protection of intellectual property;

Project visualization.

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Mitra Translations became an Associated Partner of EM-TTI

Mitra Translations became an Associated Partner of EM-TTI

Associated Partner of the European Master in Technologies for Translation and Interpreting

As a result of that Mitra #translations is happy to anounce to all students in European Master in Technologies for Translation and Interpreting that we became an Associate Partner of the #Master #Programme. During their universities studies, #students will have the chance in addition to undertake 1-month placements at companies or non-EC universities, also to attend 2 big international events, related to #technology for #translation and #interpreting and also #naturallanguageprocessing and #language technology. If you are interested in participating in this venue, please feel free to contact us!

Associated Partners

mitraMitra Translations became an Associated Partner of EM-TTI
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The team of Mitra Translations at HiT-IT’19

The team of Mitra Translations at HiT-IT’19

Mitra is going to participate at the next HiT-IT’19 workshop that take place early September 2019 in Varna (Human-Informed Translation and Interpreting Technology) as part of the influential Recent Advances of Natural Language Processing (RANLP) Conference.

mitraThe team of Mitra Translations at HiT-IT’19
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Amendments of the Regulations on Legalisation

Amendments of the Regulations on Legalisation

With regards to the new amendments of the Regulations on Legalisation, Certification and Translation of Documents and Other Papers, Decree No. 263 of 24 November 2017 amending and supplementing the Regulations on Legalisation, Certification and Translation of Documents and Other Papers, approved with Decree No. 184 of the Council of Ministers from 1958, will enter into force in February 2018.
§ 11. Art. 21a is adopted:
“Art. 21a (1) For a foreign document, translated into Bulgarian pursuant to these Regulations on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and intended for use in the Republic of Bulgaria, it is necessary that the signature of the translator, laid in the translation made by him/her, is certified by a notary in the Republic of Bulgaria. When certifying the signature, the translator shall also submit the document to the notary pursuant to Art. 18, para. 2.”
As of 01.01.2019, the Apostille certification of documents, issued by the mayors and the municipal administrations, will be carried out by the district administrations in the Republic of Bulgaria instead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The amendment is a result of one of the measures initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017 for improving the administrative service and reducing the administrative burden for the citizens. The amendment is implemented by the Law Supplementing the Law on Ratification of the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (promulgated, SG 44/2018), which supplements the Declaration under Art. 6, para. 1 by empowering district administrations to issue the certificate under Art. 3, para. 1 of the Convention on Documents Issued by Mayors and Municipal Administrations.

mitraAmendments of the Regulations on Legalisation
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