Constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve is a core value at MiTRa Translations and attending key industry events is a vital part of that commitment.

Our Account Manager Veronika Ivanova recently returned from the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Annual Conference in Valencia, Spain, brimming with insights and excitement for the future of our line of business. This year’s event solidified the importance of human expertise in a landscape increasingly influenced by AI.

1 — A Seamless Experience for All

The GALA staff deserves a round of applause for creating a smooth and enjoyable conference experience. As a result of their efforts, the venue in Valencia proved to be a fantastic setting for attendees to connect and share ideas.

2 — Collaboration and Open Communication

Another key factor contributing to a successful conference is a welcoming and open atmosphere fostered by the attendees themselves. This openness in turn led to engaging and productive conversations, a crucial element for professional growth within our business.

3 — Speed Networking: Making Connections at Record Pace

This year’s Speed Networking sessions turned out to be a total hit, offering attendees a dynamic and exciting platform to forge valuable connections. While their fast-paced format might have required strong vocal cords to keep up, the undeniable benefits of networking with fellow professionals made it well worth the effort.

4 — AI Revolution: A New Mindset

Setting the stage for the event, Dr. Daniel Susskind‘s insightful opening keynote resonated deeply with the audience. It delved into the highly relevant topic of how AI is transforming both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. His thought-provoking analysis underscored the need for new approaches as we navigate this age of artificial intelligence. Dr. Susskind’s ongoing work is making a significant impact and it’s definitely worth checking out his research.

5 — Human Expertise: The Unsung Hero

Sessions throughout the Conference highlighted the value of human skills, revealing a sense of shared journey as everyone in the industry, from major players to startups, grapples with the same new frontiers. This fosters a collaborative spirit and mitigates anxieties around change.

6 — Celebrating Success: It’s Not All Work

The Conference wasn’t all business! Mrs. Ivanova happily reported that the translation industry knows how to celebrate. Attendees enjoyed numerous opportunities to connect and unwind in a social setting.

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We’ll be sharing key takeaways and experiences from upcoming conferences, keeping you informed about the ever-evolving translation world.