We at MiTRa Translations thoroughly enjoyed connecting with fellow business leaders at a recent Business Network International (BNI) chapter meeting! Desislava Petkova, our accomplished Internal Account Manager, delivered an insightful presentation to the estemeed crowd of 40. This marked the beginning of a strong collaboration between MiTRa Translations and our fellow BNI members.

Source photo: www.bni.bg

Building Real Connections

Here’s the thing about BNI — it’s not just about handing out business cards. It’s about building genuine connections and collaborating with fantastic professionals across different industries. As a member of BNI, you get to tap into a network of amazing businesses, which would help you expand your reach and ultimately, serve your clients even better. Being part of this positive and supporting network has given us the opportunity to experience the power of referrals in action and connect with trusted business partners.

Unveiling the Language Service World

Desislava didn’t just talk shop at the meeting — she took everyone on a journey into the fascinating world of language services! She shared the inspiring story of MiTRa Translations, along with some insider details about how we operate, how we’re organized, and yes, even a few secret tips that contribute to our industry-leading expertise.

Where Finance Meets Finesse

Desislava’s a pro with impressive credentials (she has a master’s degree in finance, no less!) and excels in communication and problem-solving. That’s a winning combo for any team, and definitely the winning combination in our book!

More to Come

Stay tuned for more exciting updates — you won’t want to miss what’s coming next! We can’t wait to connect with more amazing businesses and share the power of language services with the world.