Representation and Participation

MiTRa Translations Ltd., an Associated Partner of EMTTI, was represented by Ms. Plamena Krasteva, our esteemed Linguistic Quality Manager, at the recent European Masters in Technology for Translation and Interpreting annual event in Varna. As a second-time member of the International Examination Board, Ms. Krasteva brought her expertise and commitment to linguistic excellence to this prestigious academic gathering.

Showcase of Remarkable Student Research

The event showcased the final cohort of students presenting their dissertations and scientific research in fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Quality Assurance (QA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ms. Krasteva expressed her admiration for the students’ innovative work and emphasized the importance of such research in advancing the translation and interpreting profession.

Oustanding MiTRa Intern Contributions

We are particularly proud of our interns, Dariya Pogodayeva and Anastasiia Bezobrazova, who delivered exemplary VIVA presentations. Ms. Pogodayeva, now in her second year with MiTRa, centered her dissertation on “Linguistic Quality Assurance for Human Translation,” drawing extensively from MiTRa’s own QA processes. Ms. Bezobrazova’s dissertation on “Extracting Multilingual Lexicons from Specialised Corpora” was also stunning. Their work received high commendation from the Board.

Gala Dinner Highlights

In addition to the academic proceedings, we are delighted to share photos from the gala dinner held at a beautiful beach restaurant in Varna. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for networking and celebrating the achievements of the students and faculty in a picturesque setting.

A special note of gratitude goes to the mastermind of EMTTI — Prof. Ruslan Mitkov — and all the distinguished members of the IEB, including João Esteves-Ferreira, Vilelmini Sosoni, Eleni Zisi, Tharindu Ranasinghe, Veronique Hoste, Eleanor Cornelius, Rozane Rebechi, Emanuela Tchitchkova, Todor Lazarov, and keynote speaker Helena Moniz, for their invaluable insights.

MiTRa Translations Ltd. remains committed to fostering academic excellence and contributing to the advancement of translation technologies.

For more information about the EMTTI program, visit EM TTI.