Innovation and competitiveness

“Developing sTMS – an innovative web-based platform for
organizing the work of translation agencies”

With the increase of globalization processes, the multilingual document flow—an integral part of business, social, cultural and scientific areas—has also been increasing. The need for fast and quality translation into more and more languages places high demands on translation companies. This is a relatively conservative industry, so there are no good organizational solutions to optimize the entire workflow from receiving the translation request to delivery. We are offering an innovative web-based platform that will facilitate and organize the work of translation agencies of all sizes and will also contribute to increasing the possibilities of implementing more translation projects. The mobile app on the platform will make communication and connectivity between employees from any corner of the world possible. With the implementation of our platform, companies will get:

Reduction of document flow time by 90%.

Mobility and flexibility.

Traceability of translation requests.

Possibility of archiving, generating references and reports.

Sharing translation requests and receiving external orders from colleagues.
The introduction of our innovative translation agency management platform will dramatically reduce paper use, leading to a positive environmental impact. With the implementation of the project, we will have gone all the way from an innovative idea to a fully operational product and we will have gained the necessary experience to ensure our success in future innovative developments. In the process of realization of the project together with our partner —Varna Technical University—the following activities will be performed:

Research, tests, and measurements needed to develop the

Acquiring tangible and intangible fixed assets needed to develop
the innovation.

Protection of intellectual property;

Project visualization.