Interpreting is among the toughest skills any linguist should master. Mitra Translations offers only proven professionals to make sure we provide you with the best service on the market.

You need an interpreter in Prague in a few days? No problem! Or you need an interpreter a couple of hours before the event? We are going to take care of this. All of our interpreters are trained, experienced and we are proud of their professional qualities. The most important thing for us is to offer a service, tailored to your needs, business and event. This will ensure you have the right person in the interpretation booth during the meeting or event. Our customer service, quality project management and network of the best linguists, is what makes us the most trusted partner on the market.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting, that is performed in a manner parallel to the discourse, is a highly specialized practice, requiring complete and accurate interpretation, following the speaker’s speed in real time.    Whether you need a simultaneous interpretation during a conference, a business meeting or a congress – Mitra Translations would be your best choice. Whether you need interpretation for a group of people or a “chuchotage” – we always have the professional answer to your needs.

Consecutive Interpretation

Usually, this type of interpretation is for small conferences, meetings and presentations. It starts when the original speaker has finished. We offer consecutive interpretation for any occasion and need: state administration, business meetings, investor inspections, etc. The reason doesn’t matter: official meetings, cocktails, property and process inspections. Our professional interpreters will do just perfect. That’s a guarantee!

Get a quote now – it’s free and there is no commitment, but we promise you quality and professionalism.