You get different offers from translation services some with lower prices, some not. We’re sure you’d love to accept the lowest one; that’s normal. But before you choose, find out how much quality your money will pay for.

Consider this: Your car needs new tires. It’s an important purchase, because your safety on the road depends on the choice of tires. You choose a renowned brand – it’s not the cheapest option, but in this case quality matters to you and you’re inclined to pay more. You also need some windshield wipers. You go to the nearest shop and you buy a cheaper pair – after all, you change those often and there’s no point in spending too much on them, right? Especially if you live in a place where it doesn’t rain very often.

Why did we make this deviation? Because buying translation is the same as buying any other product or service, and you expect to get what you pay for.

You should know in advance what quality you seek, so that you can compare the prices of the offers that have similar quality levels.

Keep this in mind too: Quality translation agencies announce higher prices, because they add value to your project and, understandably, that costs more. A lower price for translation means that the agency uses translators at a lower rate or presses them for lower prices; in either case the result for you is low quality.

Of course, cheaper offers don’t have to mean lower quality. The final price is also determined by what you require. If you need an internal document translated, then you probably don’t require an impeccable text, and a mistake here and there would not be fatal. However, if the translation is to be published somewhere and is intended for clients or readers, you’ll probably need higher quality – to present you as an organisation at the highest possible level.

Another aspect to consider: Most agencies offer a wide range of services at various prices. Check what exactly you will receive for your money!

Questions to ask when you receive an offer:

– How do you guarantee the quality of your services?

– Do your translators translate into their native language?

– What qualifications and experience do the translators have?

– Does the offer include editing and proofing, will you be able to make corrections in the text that’s already been delivered to you, and how many?

– If more than one translator is working on the project, how will consistent quality be guaranteed?

– Ask about the adding and removing different services, so you can see how that changes the final price.

And always be suspicious toward agencies that offer ‘high quality at low prices’.


We at Mitra Translations are absolutely transparent in our dealings with clients. You can be sure that your interests will always be our first priority. And you will get the most possible for the money you pay!

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