You are an Operations Manager at Mitra Translations. Can you tell us more about the position?

Being an Operations Manager involves having a sense of responsibility, good organization, focus to detail and adequate multi-tasking. Or in other words, this job is a constant dance on the bridge of daily challenges – the client, standing on one side of the bridge, and the translator, on the other. As for me, I am the key acting figure in the middle.

Does working for a translations agency require any specific skills and knowledge?

Our job is specific, just like any other job. The world of translation is developing really fast. We are switching from normal to digital pens; paper dictionaries turn into automated translation memories and termbases; machine translation, that indeed seems to have become quite innovative, almost takes the place of standard translation in Word files; and all of this requires resourcefulness and adaptability. We are sort of like an academy, where we celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats. As someone once said, “A person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything”. It is important that we learn from our mistakes and turn them into an advantage.

Do you experience any particular difficulties?

Of course, but who doesn’t? I love my job and there’s nothing out there that can scare me.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Task assignment 🙂

Which of your personal and professional skills and qualities help you in being a valuable professional?
I have never pursued success at any cost. I would say that loyalty, hard work, dedication and constructive criticism have always been very useful to me.

You are positive and cheerful. To what extent does your attitude help you do your job better?

I am pleased that I have left such an impression on you. This is probably because you haven’t seen me hit the ceiling J. I think we should have a good balance of working hard and having fun. About positivity – I believe in my own potential. I believe that when a person truly wants something, anything is possible.

What goals do you have in your career?

I have been working at the company for seven years and I can say one thing with absolute certainty – it has developed tremendously over the past years. My wish is that we continue developing and succeeding with the help and support of Mina Ilieva, Dilyana Ilieva and Teodora Todorova, and also thanks to the high motivation of each and every one of the team. Personally, I like seeing my colleagues being happy with what they do and I would be pleased if I can contribute to that being the case.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work in your spare time?

I love all types of dances. I’m just getting started in salsa dancing and that brings me a tremendous amount of joy.