The term ‘microsite’ usually refers to a small website positioned outside the main website of a brand or company. It is considered a separate unit; it can present different information from that on the main domain, and it has its own URL.

For instance, an art gallery has its main website, but creates a microsite for a new exhibition about to open, containing information about that exhibition only. The main site usually links to the microsite.

Thus, a company does not need to translate its entire website into other languages, it can make a microsite exclusively for the information it wants to present.

Why is this sometimes a better solution?

A manufacturer could have a very large website with tens, even hundreds of pages. There’s no need to translate each and every one of them, but only the key information that concerns the specific market for the goods of services the manufacturer wants to focus on.

On the microsite all the essential information can be presented in a concentrated and purpose-driven manner in only a few pages. This will help the user to quickly find exactly what they need without wandering through many pages of information they don’t need. Of course, it’s that summarized information that gets translated and published on the microsite.

Microsites can be set up for different potential clients in different languages. All of a company’s microsites can be accessible via the main website by means of icons, usually flags, for every language. Each icon redirects to the microsite in the language that the user is interested in.

This network of microsites is a very useful business tool, because it filters the essential information to be presented to the users of a specific language.

 It also improves positioning in search results.

And of course it significantly facilitates and speeds the process of translation, lowering the localization budget for the website.

We can help you not only with the translation of the information essential to your business, but also by offering an overall concept for the microsite.

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