The translation business went through drastic changes with the advent of the Internet. Easily accessible even on mobile phones and tablets, e-books and e-magazines have more and more users. The digital format and Internet connectivity make them easily accessible to the wider public, without geographic limitations. An online magazine or book is literally a click away from readers from all over the world.

You understand the unlimited possibilities this offers the translations business.

Because access to different types of content is a lot easier (articles, magazines, books, etc.), publishers and editors need a translation agency as their reliable partner who can translate that content into the language of the users and, of course, localize it.


Don’t underestimate the translations of your texts this could become a catalyst for your business!


Here’s how: Let’s say you have a German client who approaches you to write an article or to maintain their blog in German. These texts need to respond to the needs of the local community. Editors and copywriters are not supposed to speak German – their job is to create an efficient text that meets particular client and audience requirements.

Surely you don’t want to refuse the job just because you’re not fluent in German.  Here’s where the translation agency comes into play. As your partner, they will not only translate the text, but also localize it according to the needs and specifics of the audience.


Hiring a translation agency will allow you to step into a broader market in terms of languages, and your projects will be finished in an efficient and timely manner.

Mitra Translations offers professional translation services for businesses and for multilingual content creators. The languages we speak and in which we do professional translation: see HERE.

Professional translators guarantee more than a simple translation for your articles or documents. They turn language into a key advantage in the work process thanks to multilingual publishing. The translation agency guarantees you a global auditory, all the while keeping the content of your article unchanged.


When you use the services of a professional translation agency, the translated version of your article will be so effective that readers in different countries will be able to communicate with it in the same way as with the original version. We hope you understand that this gives you an advantage as a competitor.


The ever increasing demand for translations into different languages in electronic format requires that publishers work closely with a professional translation agency. This way they can provide quality translations to their users, texts that correspond to the needs of the readers in the respective language without bringing any changes into the content and meaning of the original.

This broadens the geography of your business, not to mention profit.


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