Why can’t I just use Google Translate or ask one of my friends for a favor?

Tourism is among Bulgaria’s leading sectors – this year we expect a rise in the number of foreign tourists and if you are a restaurant or a bar owner, you will definitely need your customers to keep coming back, right?

This article focuses on one specific detail we often underestimate and overlook. It is actually a key factor for keeping your customers and putting yourself in the best light as a high-level business owner.

Tourists enjoy spending time in coffeehouses, bars and restaurants. This is their way of getting to know our country, having fun and spending money.

How will you make them spend money in your establishment?

The answer lies in a simple but often overlooked factor – the translation of the menu. Why is this so important? Because this way tourists will be able to understand what you are offering, they will feel comfortable to pick exactly what they want. Especially if you are offering local cuisine.

Of course, the most important things are hygiene, quality of food and service. But translation of the menu into a language spoken by many of the tourists, is obviously among the most important factors.

The customer can randomly pick any meal from the menu but this way you risk to disappoint him or her! Also, according to marketing experts, many of the customers do not even sit at restaurants or bars without translated menus.

Experts advise to offer the menu at your restaurant/bar at least in one foreign language, in addition to the local one, of course. Do not leave this to chance. Using a professional translator is a guarantee that the names of meals and products used would be fully understandable.

Attention to every detail will create an excellent image for your business – isn’t that what every business owner wants? And finally yet importantly, it’s going to stimulate the customer to come back again. Here is one of the features that will increase your sales!

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