So you’ve hired a translation agency and you’ve determined a budget. The project has already started and you’re just waiting for the results. However, take a minute and take a look at some common mistakes you should avoid, so you don’t exceed your project’s budget and in order to get a quality service.

Poor Organization and Poor Planning

Poor planning could lead to one thing: paying more. Poor organization also affects the quality of the translation. Tip: before handing in your project to the translation agency, carefully review the source. Everything must be in the right order to avoid corrections at a later stage – you will have to pay for this.

Impossible Deadlines

Tight deadlines can significantly increase the price. Also, working under pressure is a prerequisite for errors. If the deadline is too short, it is quite possible you don’t have enough time for proofreading and editing. Tip: Make sure you have given a realistic deadline for your project.

Low Price

Inexpensive translations are definitely attractive. Well, the saying “Cheap is expensive.” couldn’t be more valid for translations. Because very often cheap translation leads to a cheap service that doesn’t correspond to any quality standard. Tip: Before hiring a cheap agency or a translator, ask yourself why this is the case. Don’t forget to do your research beforehand.

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