How to make your brand recognizable, respected and liked. Everywhere.

In our digital age, content and the copywriting behind it are the voice and backbone of any brand. With the help of a strong marketing strategy backed by the translation services of specialists, a brand can turn into something more than the name for a the company that provides a product or a service.

Every new market you come into hands you a blank sheet of paper, so to speak, on which to write your history, values and goals. On the local level you’ll have to make a considerable effort to prove to your potential clients that you’re a brand they can trust and one they would like to spend their money for. This has to happen by creating quality content in the local language, which will help you win over the people in that country.

Factors for successful content creation

Whatever local marker you’re targeting, creating quality content depends on the same factors. Before starting the creative process, clarify the following points:

What are the most important things I want to say about my brand?

What will my tone and style be like? More friendly and light, directed at a broader audience, or should I perhaps take a stand for something and be critical?

How much value is behind my content? Did it remain in my user’s mind or will it be quickly forgotten?

 No one is capable of writing about everything, on every topic. When you choose your topic, give yourself time to think about it and research it. This way you’ll make sure that the content you create will conform to the brand image you’re building. And remember that content that lacks quality and usefulness will make your brand look cheap and of low value.

Make your content suitable for the local culture and the latest local developments.

For example: If you want to enter the English market, you’ll have to follow what’s happening in England every day. What are the socially significant subjects, what are the problems and news that people are interested in?

It’s essential that you display this knowledge in your texts. You’ll also have to consider the local cultural characteristics, language, even dialect, so as to be as close as you can to your audience.

People like those they can relate to. Immerse yourself in their culture, let your texts reflect it, and people will care more about what you want to say and what you want to do for them.

Write about things you know well. Build your brand’s image. Your content should always add value for the users and at the same time be different from that of your competitors, so that people can remember you.

Carefully consider the steps you’ll take when entering a new, foreign market. And always start by having your content translated by a linguist who knows the local culture. That’s your No. 1 priority.

Keep in mind that your content will not influence all 100% of your readers in the target group.

Support your content with email marketing that’s segmented to the separate target groups and countries – if you’re working on several different markets. Be adequately active in locally popular social networks.

To do all that, you’ll need a translator who knows your audience and who is a native speaker of the local language. If your content is not translated into the language that people speak in that region, your audience will abandon you; they’ll click the Unsubscribe button in the email they got, and you’ll lose prospective clients. For good. This scenario is completely possible if your translation is low quality – however good your original content is.

You can’t expect an unexperienced translator to be at the level you need for your content; you have a language barrier to overcome before you can win the minds and the money of your new clients.

The content behind your brand really matters. That content, along with its professional, adequate translation, will give your business a green light at the local level.

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