Looking to expand your business into new markets but don`t know how? There’s no doubt you need the Internet and the opportunities it presents. If you want to attract more website visitors, you need to translate and adapt your content into different languages. This will be your advantage to pull ahead of your competitors in business. Multilingual websites are essential for business communications.

The investment in languages contributes to the growth and competitiveness of your company. Today, global brands reach more customers by creating multilingual websites. This makes sense because the more languages you offer, the more people can contact you. A multilingual website attracts not only new visitors but also new customers. Here you will find the top languages used on the Internet.

In order for a brand to be competitive and to continue developing in the 21st century, it needs professionally translated web content. We’re sure you can translate yours with Google Translate but will your customers be able to understand your message? The professionals from Mitra Translations will do that for you!

Translation is only the beginning. The most successful brands take things one step further: they invest in adapting the webpage content for each specific regional market. This is a guarantee that it will meet local cultural tastes, requirements and values. Some regions are more conservative than others. Some countries use higher levels of formality than others. Symbols and colors can also have different connotations. And let’s not forget humor — though we say humor is a universal language, truth is, different nations laugh at different things.

Some practical issues emerge for different languages and cultures: positioning the text from right to left in languages such as Hebrew and Arabic; local currencies and units; preferred payment methods; time and date standards, correspondence format; addresses, telephone numbers, etc. This whole process of adjusting your web content to a specific region is called localization.

Localization us the secret to every international marketing strategy. Without it, each professionally translated content might seem flat and lead to involuntary laughter.

Take good care of your brand and customers. Do not assume that what proved to be a successful strategy in the local market, will work also out elsewhere. Find out more about the market you want to reach, explore the tastes and preferences of your potential customers.

Content adaptation makes your brand more attractive.

Contact us about any new market you want to conquer. We have expert linguists, carriers of different languages, familiar with the cultural tastes of your potential customers.