When it comes to manufacturing and engineering translation, people usually think of technical documentation, CAD drawings, and user manuals. We, at Mitra Translations, are experts in providing these services. Technical translation covers a great part of the business sector and isn’t limited to just user manuals or blueprints.

Technical translation also covers:

  • Regulations and compliance
  • Training
  • Health & Safety Instructions
  • Launching new products
  • Software


This includes a wide range of documentation which regulates a company’s activities. Such documentation includes legal contracts, regulations in the respective economic sector, financial reports, etc. All of these documents guarantee that all regulations and processes are being adhered to.


We understand that training comes in all shapes and sizes and includes presentations, training manuals, E-learning and face-to-face training. The training material needs to be translated in the employees’ native language so they’d be able to understand it.


This is closely related to training and compliance, and it’s just as important. If employees do not fully understand the health and safety guidelines, they can cause harm to both themselves and others around them. Just think about fire safety procedures, operating instructions for machinery, and hazard warnings. What would happen if users couldn’t understand the information in these dangerous situations? This could lead to dangerous manufacturing accidents.


With the release of a new product on the market, enterprises conduct marketing campaigns. A marketing campaign can be described as a series of activities which may include new content for the company’s website, commercial brochures and banners, user manuals, etc. Hiring professional translators will guarantee the accurate delivery of the commercial message.

Professional translation of your website’s content and providing multilingual SEO can help you reach a much wider market. It is a known fact that 87% of people who don’t speak English don’t buy products or services from English websites.


Your product can be software-managed or the software itself can be the product of your business activity. Nonetheless, it’s the 21st century and software is the driving force behind most (if not all) production and business activities. But will your foreign partners, employees or clients be able to work with software which isn’t in English or in their native language? In this case, you need to consider translating it. By translating and localizing your software, you can make your product more engaging for potential clients and it will help you reach even wider markets.

We, at Mitra Translations, can ensure that your investment in translation will give you the best return of investment with the lowest risk.

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