Four intrepid explorers from MiTRa Translations – Dilyana Ilieva (CEO), Nenad Angelov (PTP Manager), Veronika Ivanova (Account Manager), and Spas Kosturkov (Business Development Manager) – bravely ventured out to conquer the digital frontier at this year’s Digital4Sofia conference!

This electrifying event, organized by the awesome team at IMG Connect and Netpeak, turned out to be a goldmine for making connections and geeking out on all things digital.

Breaking the Language Barrier at a Buzzing Conference

Imagine a conference with over 800 attendees – a melting pot of marketing minds, entrepreneurs, and digital enthusiasts from all walks of life. That’s exactly what Digital4Sofia delivered! Despite the diverse backgrounds, the atmosphere crackled with a shared passion for the digital world.

Networking was king, and the clever raffle system with sponsor stickers (including MiTRa’s!) opened the door to countless conversations. This mastermind matchmaking meant our team got to chat with a fantastic range of potential partners, from digital marketing agencies to businesses looking to expand their marketing reach globally.

MiTRa crew showed companies just how effortlessly they can transform content into high-quality, localized magic, paving the way for successful international expansion. This magic, of course, is fueled by 35 years of experience staying on top of the latest tech and trends.

From Insights to Inspiration (with a View!)

Digital4Sofia wasn’t just about forging connections. The halls hummed with insightful sessions on SEO optimization, e-commerce, AI, and business development. These knowledge bombs were just what the MiTRa team needed to stay ahead of the curve and offer even more value to their clients.

But let’s not forget – all work and no play makes for a dull adventure! The team took a well-deserved break at an amazing roof party to soak up the stunning views of Vitosha mountain, creating the perfect opportunity to unwind and chat.