E-commerce globalization and accessibility to online information for different brands, goods and services requires precision of texts and copywriting to reach the right users and the impact on them should be strong enough in order to make them read an article, subscribe to a bulletin, make a query, purchase, etc.

We have already written about how website translation is key to success. Now we are going to take a look at one key detail which is really important to online marketing and e-commerce – Call to Action.

Call to action, CTA

CTAs are most often associated with content that aims to raise awareness and interest in a product or a brand. They are directly aimed at getting someone to perform an action – click.

Without these, the website content, no matter how well written or translated, will remain just plain info without a set destination to lead the user to.

CTA is a must not only for the website but also for all online marketing. If the phrases are appropriately selected and placed, they will surely grab the user’s attention, which will increase the user interaction and lead to implementation of marketing objectives: subscription, sale, registration, etc.


The challenge of translating CTA

One of the biggest challenges before the translation of website content is the fact that it is actually quite hard. Calls to action are short, full of emotion and this is especially hard to translate from one language into another.

The professional translator with experience is your ace in the hole that will give you a quality and adequate translation into any language. This is more than necessary, especially when the brand enters new markets.

The main challenge of this type of translation is that it all comes down to the use of an emotional language that should influence people and get them to perform a certain action. “Buy now”, for example, entices users to act quickly, using keywords that are inextricably linked to impulsive decision making and making a purchase “right now”. Among the most commonly used verbs are “Click”, “Read”, “See”, combined with words that suggest urgency, such as “Here” and “Now”. The combination of these words, dressed in emotion and placed in a context of urgency ensures that a great deal of users will act the way you want them to.

Translators face one more challenge: whether the CTA is going to sound that effectively if translated. Will buyers in the Middle East, for example, react the same way to the “Buy now” button as those in English-speaking countries? The translator’s in-depth knowledge not only of the language but also of the social and cultural environment of the target language is of paramount importance to achieve the sought marketing effect.

All of this also applies for the translation of social networks buttons – liking, sharing, commenting, etc.



When it comes to e-commerce translation, it is very important to know that not only the website content is translated but also the CTAs, which can be the difference between success and fail. Of course, they should be very well selected, optimized, and of course – translated! This is the condition if you want your CTAs to fulfill the task in each language and market.


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