Most translators would agree that to work on advertising messages and material is one of the toughest tasks. Because it takes more than translating words; emotional messages need to be conveyed! The translator needs to be creative and experienced enough for this difficult task.

Perhaps the greatest challenge when translating advertising material is localizing and adapting the text. Advertising content is originally conceived for and directed to a particular country that has its cultural specifics. Therefore its adaptation to another language and culture isn’t easy and requires professionalism, experience and imagination to make the advertising message adequate and understandable to consumers.

As already mentioned, the translation of advertising material is more than just translation; it is a creative process that sometimes even requires changes in the text. Multinational companies often promote commercial spots and messages with different content in different countries, having adapted them to the characteristics of the consumers in the respective region. So it’s probably better to refer to our topic as content localization and adaptation instead of text translation.

It’s because of these specifics that choosing the right translation agency, one with experience and a professional approach, matters so much. Your translation provider must be able to communicate very well with the advertising agency or with the marketing team that creates the ads.

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