With the start of 2017, each of us takes a look at the future filled with hope. In the first days of January, we set our goals and make plans for our future development. Instead of outlining a “bright future“, we, at Mitra Translations, are going to ask ourselves a few exciting questions related to the upcoming 2017.

Translation business is directly influenced by the changes in our society. The dynamic 2016 brought up a lot of questions related to the changes happening in Europe.

How will the Asian markets growth change the variety of rare languages? We, at Mitra Translations, offer translation services to and from rare languages. In our portfolio, you can find some of the rarest languages—Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Japanese, Dari, Persian, etc. What kind of language combinations will the translation market need this year?

Will Brexit take the place of English as the official language of European institutions? Will French, German and Italian become the main languages for communication between institutions? That we do not know, but we will continue to maintain the highest quality of translation for each language, irrespective of whether its market shares decrease, and whether it is modern or obsolete.

Bulgaria will start its Presidency term of the Council of the EU in 2018. We expect a lot of simultaneous and consecutive high level state interpretations in the year to come. Will we manage to meet the high criteria for organization and quality of translation services? Our interpreters and project managers will work hard in order to offer the best services for the chairmanship.

The mandatory requirements for the legalization of municipal and criminal records will gradually drop. How will this affect the legalization segment? Standard documents will gradually be replaced by multilingual forms which will ease EU citizens travelling within the EU. Freedom of movement is related to additional document workflow and new documents from abroad are to be introduced. What exactly will the new legalization documents be?

In addition to all those upcoming events and changes, we need to ask ourselves our favourite question “The man versus the machine?“ Again, this will be this year’s top question not only for us, but for each and every member of the translation industry. We will continue to discuss the translation technology and localization innovations, keeping you up-to-date with the latest and useful developments in the field.

There are a many questions we are going to address in 2017. Many new goals, which will motivate us to move on, so we might be able to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients.

It is time for new projects! We will offer you professional consultation and the best technical solutions for your large translation projects. We will continue to improve ourselves to meet the high criteria of our globalized society.

We, at Mitra Translations, know that the best is yet to come both for us and for all of you—our customers.

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