Let‘s have a look at the most common terms when it comes to specialized translation.

Administrative translation

This category encompasses general texts used by different enterprises and organizations. Their translation is used in the everyday work environment. It also includes translation of texts issued by the state administration authorities and various state structures.

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Commercial translation

Commercial translation encompasses various types of business documents, such as correspondence, tender documents, reports, accounting documents, etc. This type of translation is very specific and needs a specialized translation agency and competent translators who are familiar with the relevant business terminology.


Computer translation


Here we don’t mean translation with specialized software. This is translation of software, manuals, files, applications, etc.
Economic translation

As in commercial and business translation, translation of economic texts is another specific term used for translation of documents in the area of economics. These texts are often of an academic nature.


Financial translation

Translation of texts of financial nature. Our financial translation services encompass everything from banking documents to shares and obligations


General translation

These are non-specialized types of translation. The languages used does not need specific or technical terminology. Most translation work fall into this particular category. They can be either oral or written.


Legal translation

Legal translation is one of the more complicated translation types. This is best described as translation of legal documents like regulations, contracts and treaties.

Only a specialist translator could provide a decent legal translation. This is because in this context the translator is not entitled to make any mistakes. One simple mistranslation of a contract’s passage for example could lead to serious consequences.

The legal translator has to understand the legal cultural background of the source and translate it accordingly. Similarly, the text should be translated in such a way that a target audience could understand and the translation should be consistent with the text’s cultural, linguistic and legal specifics.


Literary translation

This category refers to translation done for literary works such as novels, poems, plays, verses, etc. Many different people consider literary translation as one of the highest forms of translation because it goes beyond mere translation of some text. A literary translator must be proficient in translating feelings, cultural nuances, humor and other subtle elements of literary works.

Sometimes a given literary work is so specific that it makes the translation nearly impossible. In 1959 the Russian linguist Roman Jacobson points out that “…poetry by definition is untranslatable”. In 1974 the American poet James Merill wrote the narrative poem “Lost in Translation” which examines this issue to a certain extent.


Medical translation

Medical translation includes everything in the area of medicine – from the packaging to specialized manuals for medical equipment or medical books.

Similar to legal translation, medical translation is highly specialized and any inaccuracy or mistranslation could lead to disastrous consequences.


Technical translation

This type of translation has a broad sense. It most often refers to specific areas such as IT or production, and deals with manuals and instructions. These texts are usually more expensive than general translation because they include terminology which only a specialist can handle.


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