-Tell us more about your role in Mitra Translations.

My key role in the company is to do everything in my power so that we can deliver flawless projects – start-to-finish. Being a Project Manager is a very specific job, as you are expected to maintain quality and build strong relationships with clients during the whole course of the project – from A to Z. This covers the work with translators, editors and the DTP department, as well as getting feedback from the client. I’ve been working for this company for 5 years now and I believe that I’m improving every single day.

-How exactly do you tie in your experience with IT with the company’s activity?

Every company needs a person who is able to react quickly and solve any software/hardware issue, especially when you work with so much information. This is happening on a daily – even hourly basis. I need to keep pace with the latest software developments. I have to be able to use them at work, and of course present them to my co-workers.

-How exactly are your excellent software skills helping Mitra Translations clients?

It says a lot when clients decide to get back to us with another project. Over 90% of our projects are processed in different software programs, depending on our clients’ preferences. The main idea behind our work is to make them get back to us and to ensure they receive the quality they seek. I won’t make secret of the fact that in order to get where I am right now, I have often applied the “trial-and-error” approach, but I’m happy with that, because it helped me discover many ins and outs of the whole process which have helped me quite a lot, as is still the case today.

-What is the relationship between technology and translation and what’s their relevance for achieving a high quality end product?

As I already mentioned, we are working with extremely large volumes of information. Thanks to technology we are able to combine human and machine intelligence so we could meet our goal and provide a product of the highest quality. We are all living in the age of technological progress and we wouldn’t be able to achieve our targets if we don’t lean on software intelligence.

-Machine or human translation and why?

It cuts both ways. Personally I think that even though we increasingly exploit software technology, humans are those who have to orchestrate the whole process. They are not called “computer-assisted translation tools” for nothing. Yes, they surely help, but they won’t do the work for you – sometimes they even make greater mistakes than a person would.

-What’s it like being a part of Mitra Translations?

Privilege, delight, friendship and support. I am very happy with my team and I hope we will manage to keep moving forward and preserve our friendship.

-What does your work mean to you?

I have very often said that I’m in love with what I do. It allows me to unfold my creativity and skills but also teaches me a lot of new things which I can put into practice not only in the work process but also in other aspects of life.

 -What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Just as any other person, I like spending time with my family and friends. Also, I am a keen fan of sports. Football is my true passion and I’m in love with everything about it – playing, watching, reading. I admit that sometimes I may take it too far but well, it’s a hobby after all. Right now I’m the vice-president of my favorite team’s Fan Club and very soon I’ll be attending their game in England. So keep your fingers crossed 🙂