Translation in the Field of Tourism. Quality Matters!

In the midst of summer, we would like to focus your attention on a very attractive industry – tourism.

Every professional tour operator needs quality translation services because the number of tourists or tour agencies that will become your clients depends on the way in which your texts are formulated and translated.

The same thing applies for smaller businesses – owners of hotels, restaurants, tour agencies and tour guides – all of them need quality content in more than one language in order to serve their clients’ needs.

As experts in the translation and localization industry, we are now going to give you some tips on how to achieve best results when providing products and services in the field of tourism.

Translate your web site and make it user-friendly!

When it comes to your clients’ demographics, you know best. Translate your web site in any language according to your target audience.

Whether it is about a tour organization, purchasing a plane ticket, or a hotel reservation, your audience should be able to understand every single detail of your offer, in order send their credit card details for example.

Don’t make the mistake to count on web tools for translation and never give your projects to an amateur. Remember: YOUR TEXT SELLS!

Just make it irresistible! And yes, your web site must be user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Or else, probably over 50% of your potential audience won’t be able to reach you. After all, most people are doing their research through their mobile devices.

Use accessible language!

Translation in the tourism industry is very specific, because it combines knowledge in various fields, and at the same time users don’t have to know many complex and specific terms.

But in no way does this make translation a piece of cake. Very often difficulties stem from the fact that the way you address end users should be 100% accessible, while at the same time you should use local idioms, the audience is familiar with. If they are not widely used, the content might lead to total confusion and only partial understanding of the message.

Therefore, the text or translation quality requires full understanding of the nuance in both the original and the translation.

Which is your target audience?

This is very important, because translation in the field of tourism demands linguistic rules for localization of the target audience. The tone and style of the text for people speaking English for example is totally different from the text that would attract tourists from Japan, France or Russia.

The translator should be familiar with the cultural norms of the country where the target audience comes from.

Translate your promotional materials!

Let’s not forget the offline channels you can use to reach your potential clients.

Personalize your marketing efforts and show them to the right audience, using:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Printed tour guides
  • Restaurant menus
  • Catalogues
  • Posters
  • News bulletins
  • Official documents and correspondence

 Let your clients find you easily and quickly! Multi-lingual search engine optimization

It’s a well-known fact that the first thing people do when planning a vacation is to search for information in web search engines.

Do everything you can to do SEO of your website in all languages, so your potential clients can find you. That’s right, English is not enough if your target audience is in Germany, for example.

Do not overlook the details!

We want to give you an example with a hotel web site where all prices are presented in the respective currency. This further facilitates users and helps them decide whether to make a purchase.

Trust only professional translators!

We should have started here, because not only the number of your clients but also your image and reputation in the industry in the long-term all depend on that.

If you decide to use a professional translator or translation agency, you will be able to avoid many awkward situations in case of errors.

If you are looking for professional services in the field of translation and localization, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry. We will be happy to help!