It is obvious that companies and large corporations can get financial benefit from using CAT tools. These tools would not just save them money and time; they would generate translation memory, which is of great importance to many projects.

Nowadays it is common for companies to offer their goods and services on various international markets, and that requires the localization of marketing content in different languages. This is a serious challenge for companies.

Time and money

In some cases, the expenses and the time it takes to keep content localized and up-to-date can become an obstacle to the company’s efforts to expand on the international market.

Investing in translation memory software is a good way to reduce localization expenses and time.

Imagine that you own a video game company and you need to launch a new game on the Spanish market. One of the first issues then would be updating all the content and all marketing activities that accompany the game’s promotion in Spain. This process of translation, localization and making corrections would take time and both human and financial resources.

How can CAT tools help you?

They were created for that very purpose – to generate a functioning database; to save previously translated fragments of text: terms, phrases, entire sentences…

Thanks to these tools, the translator can automatically enter text that has been translated before and already exists in the translation memory.

This means that every time the company decides to update any given content (in our case a video game), the translation memory will assist and optimize the translation process by filling the files with ready ‘chunks’ of text.

This way, working on the new version of the game will be made a great deal easier. The translation agency will use the CAT tool to analyze the content and, as a result of the analysis, will only translate the parts of the text that are new or need changing.

You’ve probably realised by now that these useful tools can save hours, days, even weeks of work! And money, of course, since translation agencies usually charge less for projects with CAT tools than for standard translation.


It is obvious that companies can profit both in terms of money and time by using translation memory. But that’s not all! When a translation agency employs such tools, the terminology is consistent, and that guarantees you a final product of high quality! This consistency in translation will be used in future projects as well.

Are you convinced now that creating translation memory is crucial to the successful performance of your product?

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