Just imagine potential customers re searching in their native language and will not even find you in the first page of the search engine results. Is this a reason enough for you?

Studies of consumer behavior show that 3 times as many readers of a website will convert to customers if you give them information in their native language.

You don’t need to translate your legal and privacy info pages, but you do need to translate your important landing pages, selling pages and other valuable, general content.


It’s as simple as that. To avoid this unfortunate outcome, you should really understand how important it is to take advantage of all the features and tools related to searching in different languages.

So let’s talk about how you can stop losing guests before they can even get to your doorstep – all you have to do is localize your SEM campaigns immediately.

The Laws of Attraction

You’ve all probably heard the theory of particles and how they are attracted to or repelled by one another – I hope you paid attention in physics classes. These particle properties are often referred to as the “laws of attraction”. Well, this law also applies when targeting SEO and SEM.

Effectively localized international SEM can lead to more downloads, more sales, more revenue, and even reduced costs in longer term marketing expenditure.

Your SEO and SEM campaigns will get better scores, rankings and click-through rates – and ultimately more sales – when adapted for the searcher’s native language!

What’s more important! International SEM goes beyond simple translation. If the text is not properly adapted to the region and its peculiarities and specifics, it may not resonate well in the relevant market and may even lead to a complete collapse of campaigns!

Hence the need to localize the text using a translation agency, which will not only translate the content but will also advise you, so you really make your breakthrough in the local market.

Some basic truths:

– Just because an English word have a high search volume in Google does not mean that the translation of the word will resonate in another market and another language.

– Just because something is popular on Google.com, it does not necessarily mean it will be just as popular in Google.de, for example.

– In another language, the keyword can get a smaller search volume than a slang expression, for example, if this expression is popular in the relevant foreign culture.

All of this means that keyword optimization in a foreign language can have several different translations to localize the main key phrase.

It should be noted that international SEM doesn’t always mean excluding English completely. The English term “low-cost“ can often be encountered in commercials for travel agencies, for example, in combination with keywords from the native language. Here you will need professional advice from a linguist translator.

Carefully Choose Every Single Sign!

efore investing in a foreign SEM campaign, you should be aware that the number of characters you can use on each line of your PPC (pay-per-click) ad is usually limited. As the number and length of the words are often longer in foreign languages – think German or Finnish for example – resulting translations are likely to exceed the limitations. That‘s why it‘s important for the commercial to be adapted professionally.

Localization will Boost ROI for Global Websites.

Global websites and landing pages are a critical component of the customer‘s “journey“. You can count page views, likes and shares, but to measure translation effectiveness and ROI you’re going to have to determine how well your content resonates with a given audience.

Analyze, for example, why a campaign did well in some markets, but failed to take hold in others.

Translated websites and landing pages lead to higher conversion rates and localized ads will result in better click-rates, which can be easily measured and compared.

Example: after localization, PhraseApp reported higher levels of realization; the localized commercials increase the PPC profit, and they could also be more easily compared and measured.

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