Yordan is a key figure in Mitra Translations Ltd. – in addition to being Manager of the company’s Sofia Department, he’s also an active sales representative, responsible for the corporate clients in Bulgaria.

How the company succeeds in maintaining a portfolio of so many large and prestigious clients, we are now going to learn from Yordan.

What are the responsibilities of the Regional Manager of Mitra Translations?

Developing the company’s client base while, of course, looking after the needs of all our existing clients.

Our team is always searching for new ways to develop the company, so we can always be adequate, up-to-date, flexible and fast in every aspect. Our clients’ needs are just as diverse as the world around us.

You communicate and organize the relationship with Mitra’s corporate clients in Bulgaria. Can you give us more information on how you cooperate with them?

I prefer the word “partners” instead of “clients”, because we work as one. In order to cooperate efficiently, we need to work as a team. Each client is different. But yes, they have one thing in common: all of them require one type of service from us but they all have different requirements as to how we perform this service. This demand is generated by the specific business areas of our clients.

What are the main difficulties and concerns during the communication process?

There are various difficulties but the most common one is the fact that they sometimes devalue the service we provide in various aspects (prices, deadlines, quality, etc.).

In order to deal with such concerns, we need understanding and cooperation from our clients. That’s why it is so important to build a good Client – Project Manager relationship. Of course, I don’t minimize the relationship with translators, but this is more of an internal process that we update all the time.

Besides organization, you also control the commercial relationship with current and future clients. How do you “sell” translation agency services? What is the best commercial approach for that?

Translation services are difficult to sell. We have a lot of competitors, there are many professionals in the field we have to fight side by side. But I have accepted this as a challenge. My opinion is that you shouldn’t stop when you sell your product once, you have to continue selling it every day and make your client’s needs a priority.

Who are your corporate clients?

It will took ages to name them all J What’s important for me is that they have chosen us and that they trust us, for which I thank them!

What makes Mitra Translations stand out from others in the competitive market?

The thing that emerged as a unique advantage of Mitra is the willingness of the whole team to focus on each client and never say “no” to a client, regardless of how impossible their requirements may be.

How does the company succeed in meeting the new requirements and challenges on the market?

Each member of Mitra Translations team has his or her own exclusive role in the company. We have solid communication; we discuss and analyze the market, as well as our clients and their problems. We also keep an eye on the competition. We are constantly introducing IT in the working process. All of these things are part of the various methods we use comply with the market requirements.

Another thing we stick to, is attending world conferences where we learn a lot about new developments in the industry, we watch the progress of our competitors on the global market, we communicate with them and try to stay on common ground. We share our experience to each other and this is of uttermost importance if we want to continue to develop efficiently.

What does Yordan Ganev enjoys doing with his spare time?

I get up early on weekends. I don’t like sleeping late or lying in bed. I love travelling, I love the mountain, especially in winter. That’s probably because I’ve been snowboarding for the last couple of years. I never miss an opportunity to snowboard. This is my way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.